5 Aug 2020

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    ICT for Health

    ICT for Health
    National Cancer Registry Program of Egypt
    Bab El sharia University Hospital Automation and Development
    AL-Azhar Specialized Hospital Automation and Development
    Alexandria University Hospitals Development
    Health Insurance Organization Outpatient Clinics Development
    Information Network for Labs of Ministry of Health and Population Hospitals
    Mobile Applications in Health
    Comprehensive Development and Automation of Ain Shams Hospitals
    Automation of Medical Care Information Systems at Ministry of Health Hospitals
    Development of Information System of Alexandria University Hospitals Labs
    Comprehensive Health Insurance Information System
    Technical Support for National Network of Treatment at Expense of State Project
    Completed Projects
    IT Health Master Plan
    National Healthcare Capacity Building Project
    Womens Health Outreach Program
    Egyptian Ambulance Organization Development
    National Network for Treatment at Expense of State
    PAN-African e-Network
    Health Insurance Student Hospital Development - Abou El Reish
    Updating Alexandria Regional Centre for Women's Health and Development
    Critical Care Medicine Department Development
    Cardiovascular Unit Automation at Ain Shams Hospital
    National Diabetes and Endocrinology Institute Operation Automation
    Information System Unit in Public Hospitals
    Digital Medical Files (Family Health Units)
    National Cancer Registry Program of Egypt
    Health Insurance Organization Laboratories Information Network
    Suez Insurance Hospital Development
    Human Resources Training at Health Ministry
    National Project for Integrated system of X-ray Transfer

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